About the Digital Profession

The Digital Profession aims to lift the digital capability of the Australian Public Service (APS) to transform government services and build a government fit for the digital age. It will improve the digital expertise of individuals and organisations to build a digital ready workforce.

The recent crises of 2020’s bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have proven digital technology and ways of working are crucial to delivering world-leading services to the Australian public. The long-term capability of the public service to meet future needs requires a government fit for the digital age.

The Digital Profession has two goals:

  • to grow the membership of digital professionals
  • to provide ongoing value to our members and potential members.

To achieve these goals, the Digital Profession provides its members access to career development and training, mobility opportunities across government, networking and mentorship, and a platform for the recognition of their skills and expertise. We also provide guides and resources on best practice methodology to design and deliver digital services.

It is important that the public service attract, develop, and retain digital talent, whether as starting professionals or senior executives. This will help foster leadership to create a culture of change and innovation.

The Digital Profession is not just for those working in 'traditional' or technical IT disciplines. Membership is also open to those who use digital methodologies such agile, human-centred design and design thinking. We also welcome members who are interested in digital transformation and technology’s role in government.

Digital ready

‘Digital ready’ describes the strategy and objective of the Digital Profession. It also describes how we see our members and community thinking, acting, and working.

We think of a digital-ready professional as someone who:

  • is or wants to be ready to apply skills to help people by working or collaborating on projects delivering products and services to the community
  • engages in continuous learning and development to contribute to the capability in their team
  • stays up to date on trends, news, and opportunities in digital and government
  • is aligned with or supports the needs of the digital community in all its forms and disciplines, from basic digital needs to user experience, human-centred design, digital leadership, and management.

Our message

We have 3 target audiences for the Digital Profession’s message:

  • professionals
  • agencies
  • government.

We want professionals to:

  • be recognised as digital ready – no matter what their job, discipline, or profession.
  • be ready for opportunities. This can be career-related, upskilling or collaboration.
  • take advantage of opportunities to be digital ready – such as training and mobility opportunities.

We want agencies to:

  • work to answer the question, ‘What percentage of your staff are digital ready?’
  • seek to understand and know their digital workforce, and how their processes, culture and leadership supports digital professionals.
  • work with us and use the skills training, tools, and resources we provide to help make their workforce digital ready.

We want to work to create a government fit for the digital age. It will have a workforce with a high percentage of digital ready professionals. These people will be thought leaders in creating a culture of change and innovation, and who have the qualities of a digital professional.