About the APS Professional Stream Strategy

The Digital Professional Stream Strategy is a structured way to build and uplift the core digital expertise of leadership and the workforce, and specialist expertise in digital roles.

This will be done collaboratively across the APS to ensure we have a cross-agency approach to delivering government services.

It is a deliberate approach to setting professional standards, implementing digital career pathways and addressing digital skills gaps. It will create networks and ways to strategically recruit, develop, grow and retain talent in digital leadership and the digital capability of our workforce.

To achieve this, the strategy has 6 broad themes:

  1. Establish the digital profession
  2. Leadership of the profession
  3. Professional standards
  4. Career pathways
  5. Capability
  6. Professional communities

The themes are supported by initial signature initiatives to bring the strategy to life, create momentum from which it can mature. These initiatives will form the basis of the digital profession over its first year.

We will take a design-led approach to delivering this Strategy. This means we will learn, adapt and grow from our experiences and your feedback over the first year.

The strategy takes account of international experiences and lessons learned in the UK, Singapore and Canada.

The strategy has also been informed by what we have learnt over the last two years, including extensive research across sectors and tiers of government.

The partnerships forged with industry, government, the community and academia will continue to help inform and iterate the digital profession.