Developing your digital career

Explore and expand on your digital career path in government.

This section is designed for those who are:

  • not new to digital, but new to the Australian Public Service (APS) or
  • working in the APS already.

As you become established in your role, you may start to gain a strategic view on digital’s role in the APS.

You may want to connect with peers across government, to find opportunities and share knowledge.

If you:

  • have been a digital professional for more than 2 years
  • are looking to broaden your skillset or gain more advanced expertise in your existing role.

Then we think you will find this information useful.

Stay connected with social media teams across the APS - join GovSocial

GovSocial is a new community of practice for APS employees who are interested in social media and its use GovSocial is a new community of practice on the Digital Profession. It is a space to discuss and share insights on social media and social media communications in…

New traineeship program to boost digital employment opportunities and diversity

The APS Digital Traineeship Program will create employment opportunities with 1,000 participants over the next 4 years. The Australian Public Service (APS) Digital Traineeship Program will create employment opportunities for First Nations peoples, women, older people,…

Digital Profession snapshot 2020 to 2022

A snapshot of achievements and milestones of the Digital Profession over its first 2 years.   Image A 2-year snapshot of the Digital Profession 2020-2022. (PDF version, 94.9 Kb)

End of 2022 message from Head of Digital Profession

As Randall Brugeaud concludes his term as the inaugural Head of the Digital Profession this month, he reflects on the Digital Profession's achievements and highlights. This month I conclude my term as the inaugural Head of the Digital Profession. It has been an honour…

Gamification in government

At PAX AU 2022, the Gamifying Government Panel showcased public sector innovation that uses game design technology and priciples. Since 2018, the Gamifying Government Panel at PAX Aus convention has showcased how government is using gaming, 3D and virtual reality technology…

Taking steps towards accessibility and inclusion

Talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion helps remove barriers that exclude people with a disability. Cath Rayner at work at her desk By Susan Baird I recently took the…

Developing as a leader through Coaching for Women in Digital program

Kylie Potter from Services Australia talks about her experiences as a recent participant in this program. The Coaching for Women in Digital Program works with female digital professionals to help them progress and develop as leaders in government. Kylie Potter from Services…

Develop your career and connect with women in digital

The Coaching for Women in Digital is now open for applications. The Digital Profession and Accenture’s online Coaching for Women in Digital program focuses on group coaching to help you develop leadership skills in digital related roles within the public sector. This…

Digital transformation based on services, not our IT systems

A digital transformation journey can be long. DAWE’s approach delivers lots of small, regular and incremental changes that add up to make a substantial difference to our agricultural industry. The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) is designing new…