Coaching for Women in Digital Program - It is life changing!

2022-23 APS Coaching for Women in Digital Program participant Amanda Forde shares her story

Why did you decide to take part in the Coaching for Women in Digital program?
I belong to the Department of Home Affairs, Women in Technology Services Network (WITS). This group has a strong focus on supporting women within technology. We were encouraged to express interest in registering for the Coaching for Women in Digital Program and I could see that the program was an excellent way to develop leadership skills, reduce barriers to career progression and help women transition into more senior digital roles in the Australian Public Service (APS).

What has the program been like for you? What are the benefits?
The program has really educated me on key leadership areas that are essential to effective leadership. It has provided clarity on: goal setting, values, imposter syndrome, networking and strengths-based leadership. The benefits for me have been; an increasing awareness of the role strengths play in delivering our work and the intrinsic relationship it has with building diverse and high performing teams.
The program offered a great opportunity to strengthen my relationship with my director by sharing key learnings from the program, what my strengths are and how this translates into how I deliver work. It was also a valuable insight to understand our shared values and strengths.

Why is it important for programs like Coaching for Women in Digital to exist? 
The need to build Australia’s digital workforce capability is consistent with the global digital skills shortages. Currently, women only make up 30 percent of professionals in IT related fields and this program is important to facilitate growth in this area.

Why would you encourage others to be part of the Coaching for Women in Digital program? 
The benefits to understanding your strengths and how you lead allows you to understand how you deliver and work with others. It’s also a great opportunity to understand that building diverse teams with members who have different strengths can really be the key to high performing multi-disciplinary teams.  This program highlights the benefits of working together and leading with our strengths.

How did you balance both the commitments for the program and the commitments of your job? 
I balanced the pre and post session work requirements of the course as part of delivering my work via my one-on-one sessions with my director and at night or on the weekends. 

What is your top tip for new program participants?
Be grateful for this opportunity to attend this program, it is such a great program that will allow you to grow and feel confident at work.  It is life changing!