Developing as a leader through Coaching for Women in Digital program

The Coaching for Women in Digital Program works with female digital professionals to help them progress and develop as leaders in government. Kylie Potter from Services Australia talks about her experiences as a recent participant.

Learning from peers and mentors

Coaching for Women in Digital is an important program because it has been specially developed for women. This is relevant as IT has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. It’s a great opportunity to explore and develop your leadership style and build connections with the women across the APS who work in digital.

I wanted to take part in the program to connect and learn from women who are leaders in their field, those who are driving digital transformation. I wanted to learn from their knowledge and experiences. The program also gave me the opportunity to meet other women who are at a similar stage in their career as me.

Working with the coaches was always engaging and very inspiring. No matter what the topic was, I always came away with a little bit of gold to apply to my everyday work.

Personal and professional reflection and development

The program has provided me with an opportunity to reflect and consider my leadership style, giving me tools and resources to identify and build on my strengths. Throughout the program there was a lot of opportunity for self-reflection and time to implement goals. The skills I gained support my future ambitions and are a foundation to build on in my current role.

The program allows you to engage with strong, successful women. These women are inspirational and understand the challenges we face as leaders. The program enables us to connect with them in a safe and positive environment.

A well-supported and flexible program

Support from my manager has been extremely important and valued. I worked with my manager to ensure there would be flexibility to commit to the course work and opportunities to apply my learnings in the team.

Tips for future participants

Take the time to do the work and apply the learnings in your work each day. This is an opportunity for you to be able to focus on your development. If you use what you learn, you will also see your team flourish and benefit.