Gamification in government

Since 2018, the Gamifying Government Panel at PAX Aus convention has showcased how government is using gaming, 3D and virtual reality technology. The convention is the largest pop culture and gaming event in the southern hemisphere. It is a chance to showcase present government innovation and attract digital talent.

Showcasing government innovation

Over the years, more than 10 government agencies have presented on the panel, including the National Film and Sound Archive and the Australian War Memorial.

At Pax Aus 2022, the Australian Border Force (ABF), Services Australia and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry shared how government is using games-based technologies and practices to improve service delivery.

How ABF are using VR for training

Saxon Hutchinson is part of the Future Technologies Team at the ABF College. Saxon shared how the ABF College is developing the next generation of baggage search training using virtual reality (VR) technology.

ABF College created an application to train ABF recruits on baggage search skills. A virtual airport environment was built using game design principles and technologies like Unreal Engine, photogrammetry and MetaHuman. Saxon shared how the performance of this high quality simulation was maintained on mobile VR devices. 

A screenshot showing a VR interface

Figure 1: In-app VR screenshot of ABF College’s baggage search skills training

Gamifying learning at Services Australia

Marko Matosevic is part of the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) at Services Australia. His team aims to change the way Services Australia staff learn by introducing gamification principles. Much of their work uses VR technology.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the team created several proof-of-concept VR experiences using Unreal Engine to:

  • train staff on dealing with aggressive customers in a safe space
  • find workplace health and safety, security and privacy risks in a simulated VR office
  • simulate visual impairment experience as part of an accessibility lab showcase.

360 degree immersion programs

Paul Hagan presented recent work in the Biosecurity Operations Division at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The team has just wrapped up a trial using immersive 360 degree videos/media to model environments such as mail centres, airports and approved arrangements (cargo operators).

These immersion programs simulate the scenarios that biosecurity officers experience on a daily basis. The programs give officers experiences in operational environment through an innovative immersive learning pathway. All the content is sourced and created by departmental staff using a combination of Hardware GoPro 360 and Insta360 Cameras, and software CenarioVR, Vista3D and Premiere Pro.

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