APS Career Pathfinder tool

We designed the APS Career Pathfinder tool to help people explore digital and other career options in government. This tool is part of our strategy to attract and develop digital talent for the APS and Commonwealth.

We consulted with industry and government to map out around 200 roles initially.

Explore your professional journey

We want the tool to be useful in finding out what you need to know for that next career step. The tool links each role to resources and training to help you, whether you are: 

  • looking to change or develop your career
  • thinking about working in government in digital or
  • find out what skills you need for your team.


Start exploring your career potential

Get offered opportunities

Are you are open to being contacted about opportunities that need skills you have? If so:

  1. login to Career Pathfinder
  2. tell it the skills you have
  3. select the option ‘I’m open to opportunities’.

This will authorise HR managers from other agencies to find you when they are searching for people with certain skills. They may be looking for people to form a taskforce or project team. If you have the skills they are looking for, they may contact you to discuss the opportunity.

Provide feedback

If you have a suggestion about how we could improve Career Pathfinder, send us some feedback.

Looking for talent in your organisation

If you are looking for people with certain skills in your organisation, please contact your HR team first. If they do not already have a HR manager who is authorised to search APS Career Pathfinder, they can contact us at digitalprofession@apsc.gov.au.