APS Career Pathfinder tool

We designed the APS Career Pathfinder tool to help people explore digital career options in government. We consulted with industry and government to map out over 150 roles. This tool is part of our strategy to attract and develop digital talent for the APS and Commonwealth.

Explore your professional journey

We want the tool to be useful in finding out what you need to know for that next career step. The tool links each role to resources and training to help you, whether you are: 

  • looking to change or develop your career
  • thinking about working in government in digital or
  • find out what skills you need for your team.

APS Career Pathfinder is in Beta

The Career Pathfinder is not yet complete. The tool will be refined and developed to have more features and functionality. We welcome any feedback to improve the tool, which you can submit through an online form.

Start exploring your career potential

Provide feedback on our learning recommendations

We are still experimenting with the algorithm that recommends learning resources. We don’t think we have this right yet. If you have any suggestions on what aspects of the learning resources we should use to prioritise recommendations for you, please let us know.

At present the algorithm is recommending resources that address multiple skill needs above resources that address only one or two, but this alone does not seem to produce the most suitable results. We would love to hear your opinion and suggestions.

The learning resources we are using for this beta release are mostly coming from the SkillSoft learning catalogue. This has been loaned to us for testing purposes and at this point we are not endorsing the SkillSoft content or providing you access to the courses. You are welcome to engage with SkillSoft directly if any of them sound relevant to you.