Digital Supported Pathway Programs

Work on things that matter with a digital or technical career in the Australian Government.

If you're passionate about digital technologies and have a knack for problem solving, we have a career for you.

A career with the Australian Government can give you valuable industry experience while working on projects that help everyone. From technical problem solving and analytics to digital design and development, you can find an opportunity to suit your level of skill and experience.

You’ll get to:

  • work on things that matter
  • gain a relevant qualification
  • learn and be mentored by experienced professionals
  • gain practical industry experience
  • apply once for many opportunities across government
  • get exciting industry memberships
  • attend professional networking events
  • access private training about emerging digital trends
  • get support for your future career progression
  • access flexible working arrangements
  • earn a competitive starting salary

Explore your options below and get started on a rewarding and meaningful future.