Mobility opportunities

Mobility opportunities can now be found on APSJobs. Here you will find information on the background of oneAPS, our pilot program.

From June to September 2021 the Digital Profession ran a short-term mobility pilot program called oneAPS Opportunities. Short-term opportunities continued to be posted on the member community platform. 

In June 2022, APSJobs launched a new mobility opportunity section. Managers and teams can use this to fill short-term gaps, and APS workers can find roles to build experience and skills. You can now search for these roles on APSJobs.

Applying for opportunities

All mobility roles are listed on the Temporary Opportunities section of APSJobs. You can click on the role you wish to apply for. 

The Digital Profession's members community platform also has a mobility section, where members share jobs from APSJobs. 

Posting opportunities

Temporary opportunities are uploaded in the same way as regular job opportunities. Speak to your agency’s recruitment team about how your agency handles requests to advertise on APSJobs.

Benefits of flexible mobility opportunities

For leaders and managers

As a leader you will:

  • create opportunities and tap into the APS-wide digital talent and expertise
  • support your staff to broaden their skills and experiences
  • raise the digital capability of your team when team members return
  • contribute to the vision of one APS working together on government priorities.

For digital professionals

As a digital professional, you will:

  • connect with other professionals across the APS
  • use your talent on short-term, meaningful opportunities
  • advance your career by building and deepening your skills and expertise.