Mobility opportunities

Find opportunities to work across government, collaborate and share crucial digital talent on projects.

From June to September the Digital Profession ran a short-term mobility pilot program called oneAPS Opportunities. Thank you to those who were involved in the pilot.

The Digital Profession is now hosting short-term opportunities in the Digital Profession Member Community.

We’re still working on finding the best short-term mobility solution for the APS. This new phase of oneAPS Opportunities is another way for us to learn what our users need.

How to post and apply for opportunities

To post and find short-term mobility opportunities across government, join the Digital Profession as a Practitioner. Note that eligibility criteria for Practitioner membership applies.

Log in to the Digital Profession Member Community and navigate to Mobility opportunities.

Here you will find information about how to post and apply for opporutunities.

Reach out to if you have any questions or feedback.

Benefits of flexible mobility opportunities

For leaders and managers

As a leader you will:

  • create opportunities and tap into the APS-wide digital talent and expertise
  • support your staff to broaden their skills and experiences
  • raise the digital capability of your team when team members return
  • contribute to the vision of one APS working together on government priorities.

For digital professionals

As a digital professional, you will:

  • connect with other professionals across the APS
  • use your talent on short-term, meaningful opportunities
  • advance your career by building and deepening your skills and expertise.