Coaching for Women in Digital Program

Develop your career and connect with EL1 women in data and digital.

Registrations for the 2024-25 program are scheduled to open here mid 2024.

The Digital Profession and Accenture’s online Coaching for Women in Digital program focuses on group coaching to help you develop leadership skills in data and digital related roles within the public sector.

Currently, women only make up approximately 30 percent of professionals in IT related fields. We want this group to grow, by providing support and development to help them transition into more senior data and digital roles in the Australian Public Service (APS).

The program will help you to:

  • Reflect on your strengths, values, self-limiting beliefs, leadership, and career
  • Connect with coaches and peers across government to share experiences and build your network
  • Grow by dedicating time to your development and taking it forward by applying your learnings in a supported context.

The program is 100% online, so you can take part no matter where you are or what life demands you have. Participants also have the opportunity to attend different session times during the program. So if your schedule changes, we can accommodate your needs and keep you on track. 

Coaching for Women in Digital Program | Information Session

2023-24 Information Session Recording

Eligibility for application

Applications are open to:

  • EL1, or high performing APS6 (pending agency support), women and non-binary people working, or interested, in a data or digital role
  • past participants of this program
  • APS employees across Australia
  • State and local governments and government educational institutions.

Data and digital roles aren’t limited to ‘traditional’ or technical disciplines. Your data and digital role can include (but is not limited to):

  • managing a data or digital team
  • digital roles in user research, content design and service design
  • data roles in non-traditional areas such as HR.

You don’t need to have technical knowledge to apply, this program focuses on leadership development rather than technical training. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your eligibility.  

Program format

The Coaching for Women in Digital program involves:

  • 7x2-hour online group coaching sessions, where you connect with your small group, learn and practice leadership development skills, and share your experiences in a safe space 
  • 2 online events, which includes a program kick-off and a program celebration
  • access to an exclusive community group which hosts a range of resources, session content, articles, videos and more. 

The community and resources will help you apply your learnings from the program, sustain behaviour change and actively take techniques back to your agency.

You also have the option to engage in:

  • regular ‘hot topic’ sessions with industry leaders sharing their guidance and experiences on relevant topics
  • additional coaching drop-in sessions to further explore and discuss topics covered in smaller groups.

This program has been designed to support flexible working arrangements and meet your accessibility needs. The program is delivered via Zoom and the average monthly time commitment is 3 hours.  

Program structure

This program is centred on strengths-based development and progresses through three main areas of focus.

Looking inwards

  • Session 1: Discovering your strengths (including strengths assessment)
  • Session 2: Applying your strengths
  • Session 3: What gets in the way 

Looking outwards

  • Session 4: Your leadership style
  • Session 5: Leading others

Looking forward

  • Session 6: Personal brand
  • Session 7: Career navigation

Program dates

The program runs from September through to August the following year. Breaks occur over December, January and in April.

Cost of the program

The cost of the program is *$8,300 (excluding GST) per person. Your agency pays the cost of the program.

Talk to your delegate or manager and get their approval before you apply for the program.

*Revised price, as at 15 August 2023

Program benefits for you

  • 12-month online course with dedicated group coaching.
  • Opportunity to self-determine your experience based on personal objectives or goals (informed by Delegate or Manager - agency input where possible).
  • Access to an exclusive APS wide community group, with resources, thought leadership, and more to help make behaviour change stick.
  • Connection with cohort of peers across whole of government.
  • Ongoing alumni network for peer support and collaboration.
  • Human-centred and flexible experience.

Program benefits for your agency

  • A targeted self-driven program, with active reinforcement and application of learning in day-to-day roles across more than 24 months.
  • Attraction and retention of high performing women in data and digital-related roles.
  • Enhanced support network for your people through the whole of government connection and ongoing alumni network.
  • Differentiated development and a bespoke program for each participant.
  • More purposeful career direction and development for participants.

The program has transformed the way I approach my career. It has changed the way I problem solve, increased my confidence and opened new doors. Would highly recommend it to others.

This course has opened my eyes to things that I "thought" were there. I have been more confident to make some hard career decisions. I have never looked back!

This is a fantastic course... It is really helping me set myself up for success in many areas of my life.

This program forces me (in a positive way) to focus on my developmental growth - something that I would not normally prioritise due to the busy nature of my work.

Find out more about Coaching for Women in Digital Program

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If you have any questions or want to nominate one or more of your staff for the program please email:

An initiative of the Digital Profession

The Coaching for Women in Digital program is part of the Digital Profession’s group of initiatives to lift the data and digital capability of the APS. The Digital Profession aims to improve the expertise of individuals and organisations to build a digital ready and data-driven workforce. 

The Digital Profession recognises the importance of developing leaders in the digital and data fields. This will help foster a culture of innovation and change needed for digital transformation in government. By making sure we have diversity in our leadership, we will help deliver better and more inclusive government services to Australians. 

We invite you to join the Digital Profession membership – help create a government fit for the digital future. Find out more and register for the Digital Profession.