Women in IT Executive Mentoring

Our Dell Women in IT Executive Mentoring program is for talented EL2 women in APS who want to progress as a leader within the data and digital landscape. Sponsored by Dell, this program matches senior executive mentors with female EL2 mentees from across government. It aims to help women develop their potential as a leader in the data and digital space.

About the program

The Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM™) is a mentoring and coaching program sponsored by Dell™. Our program develops APS women as leaders in senior data, digital and ICT roles. Over the past 15 years, over 400 people have participated in WITEM™.

We match senior executive mentors with EL2 women from across government. Mentees work with their mentor and other mentees in developing networks and career.

WITEM™ is delivered over 12 months. At a minimum, each mentor and mentee pair are expected to commit to a 1-hour catch-up each month. In addition, the program provides: 

  • an induction
  • guidance/information session
  • program launch
  • mid-program face-to-face session
  • a wrap-up and forward planning session
  • other networking events.

Mentees will also participate in facilitated group discussions, where they can safely share their experiences.

The cost is *$4,700 (exclusive of GST) per mentee participant (excluding travel to program events). There is no charge for a mentor to participate.

*Revised, as at, 7 August 2023.

Benefits of the program

The WITEM™ program has been refreshed to better support mentors and mentees – with more learning resources and opportunities to connect across government.

Mentees will benefit from:

  • customised guidance on career development
  • feedback on roadblocks or issues
  • developing professional relationships with their mentor and peers
  • learning about new perspectives in digital and government.

For mentors, the benefits are:

  • growing as a manager and leader, while helping others develop
  • guiding new leaders by sharing personal ideas and experiences
  • exposure to ideas and experiences outside of usual communication channels
  • access to talent for potential collaboration or recruitment.

Applying for the program

The program accepts nominations for mentor and mentee positions. We encourage senior executives to become a WITEM™ mentor. We also welcome applications from past mentees with an interest in becoming a mentor.

Mentees will require the endorsement of an SES leader/delegate as part of the application process.

If you have any questions about the WITEM™ program or would like to express interest in participating, please email: DiversityLeadership@apsc.gov.au