Manage content requests

Know who’s involved and what needs to be done to manage business-as-usual content requests.

What is the content lifecycle?

The content lifecycle defines the people, workflow, skills and tasks involved in producing content.

Each content production stage focuses on user needs with checks to ensure the quality and relevance of content throughout its lifespan.

The content lifecycle starts with Intent then moves through the following stages; Plan, Create, Sign off, Publish and Maintain/Improve. This process is circular because after content has been published and it is being maintained, it goes back to the start of the process to run through and improve it. In this way we build in continual improvement.

Why use the content lifecycle

Use the content lifecycle to get content published, keep it relevant and continuously focus on value for the user.

When you apply the right skills at every lifecycle stage, you ensure content quality and relevance and a channel- and audience- approach.

How to ensure content usability