Audit content

Audit your content to get a clear understanding of your digital estate or service. Create evidence to improve, remove or change.

Why audit content

With millions of web pages, we need to reduce the clutter. A content audit is where we begin. An audit will help you to plan and budget for content improvement and reduction projects. It will also give you baselines, so that you can report on what you have improved during the content lifecycle.

Did you know?

Research shows that 50% of users of government services have difficulty finding information online. Of those, 24% resort to making a telephone call.

Source: KPMG study: Digital Government Ease of Use Index 2015

How to conduct your audit

Content strategy output

What you'll get

  • A detailed view of your content
  • A content audit spreadsheet

What to do

Add to Part 4: Current content, in the Content Strategy Template

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