Analyse and evaluate

Now that you have a view of your content, you’re ready to analyse and evaluate it for accuracy, relevance, quality and performance.

Key takeaway

Your analysis will help you to make decisions based on evidence, and will be useful when talking with stakeholders.

Content evaluation checklist

Make sure your content is of the highest quality. Work with subject experts as well as content experts to check your content and evaluate its quality. Use the content evaluation checklist to check for:

  • currency, accuracy and completeness
  • content quality — usability, findability, readability and accessibility

Check the data

Use data from web analytics tools to measure, rate, test and evaluate content. This data can include things like page views, bounce rates, page referrals, search referrals, new versus returning visitors, and user feedback.

Review the analytics provided by site search. If users are looking for specific content on your site and not finding it, you may have a content gap. This could be either because it doesn’t exist or because it is not findable. It may also show a need to update how you have written and where you have published content.


Use these kinds of tools for your content audit:

  • website content analytics tools, for example, Google Analytics
  • user research feedback tools like surveys and behaviour tracking
  • readability checkers, for example, Hemingway or VisibleThread
  • link checkers
  • search engine optimisation tools
  • behaviour analysis and content structure tools, for example, Treejack
  • HTML validation tools
  • accessibility checker tools