Define your IA

When mapping your information architecture (IA), use methods such as card sorting and scenario testing to define and validate your labels as you go.

Your IA will move and change until it settles. You will be striking a balance between your goals, the user’s behaviour and your content.


Main menu and IA depth

When mapping out your main menu items, it's best practice to use no more than 7. However, larger sites may need more. Decide this based on the needs of the content and the user.

Don’t hide something in an unrelated section just to keep the number of top-level sections low.

Try to make your headings stand alone. They should make sense when seen out of context of the whole IA.

Full menus vs partial menus

Menus in some instances can present too many calls-to-action which can confuse a user. You may not need to make the full menu available at all times.

User research may show that once a user visits a section of your website, they may not visit another. Rather than make a full menu always available, consider isolating content for a particular task and reducing menu items.

IA methods