IA checklist

Things to think about when you are developing your information architecture (IA).

Be consistent

Make sure there is a consistent approach to your labelling and structure. This will help your users gain familiarity as they navigate through the site.

Use plain English

Make sure your headings and labelling are in plain English. Avoid ambiguity. Users should always have a clear idea of what they are clicking on.


Plan to meet criteria 9 of the Digital Service Standard. This includes compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). See WCAG 2.0 guide for content authors for more information.

Detailed IA

Develop a model where you capture the page titles in your IA and also the main content items within each page. Include links to other content across the site.


Your site navigation will help your users get where they need to go. Think about how navigation elements and your IA will work together to make it easier for the user.


The way you structure your headings will have a big effect on your content’s findability. You can also set your browser title to be a shortened version of your page title. This will improve readability in search results.

Review search terms

Use analytics to find out what common keywords and phrases are being used when someone does a search on your website. This may also reveal gaps in your content.

Avoid FAQs

Avoid including pages of FAQs in your IA. FAQs date easily and suggest that web content is out of touch with the user’s needs. Only use when there is a genuine need.