Check and revise content

Involve the right people and expertise to check content quality, and revise before sending for final sign off.


Why check content

Checking content at the right time helps to improve the efficiency of your process and influence a quality outcome.

It avoids double-handling when content is sent for sign-off or publishing before it is quality-ready. Timely checks also avoid the build up of content that would otherwise need to be fixed post-publishing–otherwise known as ‘publishing debt’.

Who to involve

Experts should use the content production template to check off quality or make comments for authors to revise.

These checks may be all the approval you need for the content to be uploaded live to the platform. This will depend on the type of content and the authority of your web team.

Alternatively if the content is high profile, it will need more senior clearance. Send a sign-off brief once checks have been done. The brief should itemise these previous checks for approver visibility.

Product lead, subject expert

  • Checks for accuracy, currency and compliance
  • Checks for business objectives and legislative requirements

Communications lead

  • Checks for consistent agency messaging across channels

Communications writer, web writer, content lead

  • Checks for readability and plain English
  • Reviews SEO and metadata
  • Checks accessibility of content assets and additional formats

Tools and templates

Content production template

Use the content production template to check that content is ready for final sign off or to make notes about revisions.

Readability check

Use tools to check the readability of your content. Aim to make content as readable as possible. This makes it more accessible for everyone, not just users with low literacy. Specialist and technical audiences benefit from plain English too.

It's good to aim for an age 9 reading level. WCAG criteria 3.1.5 (Level AAA) recommends you write to lower high school level (Australian Year 7 to 8). Even if you aren't able to achieve an age 9 reading level, the more readable you can make content the better it is for everyone.