Content decision tree

A guide to help you decide if your content is right or ready to publish.

Use this cheat sheet to help your content authors ask the right questions about existing or new content.

  • Is the content based on a user need?
  • If so, is it up to date?
  • Does it rightfully belong on the site or should it be a link to another website?
  • If so, is the content written to quality and accessibility guidelines?

The content decision tree helps you ask the right questions about your content. It then guides you through a series of related questions and actions. The main question in this diagram asks "does the content meet your target audience's need?" The questions and actions will help you work out whether to keep, publish or remove the content.

Content decision tree

A content decision tree is a useful tool for your content team to work out whether to:

  • keep, update or remove existing content
  • publish new content

Content decision trees support clear decision making.

With yes or no answers throughout the process, you'll determine the next step. This may be another question or an action.