Publish content

Web publishers/producers prepare, check and test the usability of content in the content management system platform and publish it live.


Publishing teams ensure content works in the platform. They also pick up on any website duplication, broken links or style inconsistencies that have not been previously checked.

For this reason, content leads should keep publishing teams up to date on standards for accessibility, style and usability.

Remember to allow time in the process for publishing tasks to be done.

Publishing teams focus on the usability of content in the platform. They should be able to catch and reject any previously approved content that does not comply with standards.

Who to involve

Web publisher, content publisher, digital producer/developer, accessibility tester roles

Apply specific skills at the publishing stage of the content lifecycle to:

  • check for accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.0
  • set up and check redirects and short URLs
  • check link integrity
  • check for duplicate page titles
  • upload for accessibility in the platform
  • add content and metadata to the platform
  • add metrics code
  • add search engine code

Tools and templates

WCAG 2.0 for content authors

Check that content authors have complied with the 17 WCAG 2.0 criteria for accessibility.

Desktop checks for accessibility