Sign off content

Create a brief or checklist for final sign-off, so the approver knows what they need to do.


Why use a sign-off brief

When briefing the request, make sure that approvers will be confident that the content is compliant.

Let them know the range of expert checks and tests that have been done, either in Word or in an online staging environment.

List what has already been checked, but be clear and specific about what you need the approver to do.

Your sign-off brief and previous checks should aim to reduce risk for the approver.

Who to involve

High profile content needs senior-level (or delegated authority) sign off.

Sign-off authority aligns with the accountability of the approver in releasing content to go live. They will be responsible for the strategic alignment of the product, service or content. They will also understand organisational risk.

The content sign-off brief should clearly state what you need the approver to do. For example, review and check for live publishing.

Ask approvers to give a rationale for any changes or concerns.