Set goals, objectives and KPIs

Before you start to measure, you'll need to set goals and objectives. Then you can track the success of your content using KPIs.

Setting a goal for your content strategy should start with your agency’s corporate strategy and plan. This will detail vision, mission and outline the agency’s goals, objectives and performance criteria. Combining these business needs with user needs will give the basis of your strategy. This will set you up to develop the goals and objectives of your content strategy.

Objectives set for the Digital Profession's content strategy are as follows:

  • Less: enabling agencies to have and create less content by reducing duplication
  • Better: enabling agencies to create better content that meets user needs
  • Efficient: reducing the cost of content creation

Content strategy goals and objectives need to align with the agency's and user needs, and for KPIs to show content success.

The goals and objectives of your content strategy should be aligned with the agency’s strategic goals. KPIs are targets that you set that will demonstrate success of the content.

Those performance markers need to be tracked to ensure you are on the right path to meet your goal. It is important to select clear metrics to track performance against the objectives.

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s strategy 2016-2020 has a goal to ‘simplify doing business’. It includes the following aims:

  • make it simpler to find, understand and access government services to help businesses plan, start, run, employ, grow, export and exit
  • personalise and streamline business dealings with government
  • be an exemplar of innovation, embracing digital solutions to improve the efficiency and business experience of our program delivery function
  • develop new ways to provide information and services to businesses to help them better understand opportunities and challenges

Combining these business needs with the user needs uncovered at the start of the process will provide them with goals and objectives for their content strategy.