Discover content channels

List all of the content channels used by your agency. This can include websites, email newsletters, call-centre scripts, brochures, social media and even campaigns.

Where to start

Set up a shared agency document to capture channel information. Explore your agency’s main websites and look for links to other websites that belong to your agency.

'About us' pages and footers are good places to start looking for other websites and channels such as social media. Newsletter subscription fields indicate email newsletters. An intranet is another good source. You are looking for any channel that content is produced for.

At this stage you are not looking to audit each channel to unpack how much content is there. That comes later.

Talk to people

Set up interviews with anyone in your agency who has had something to do with commissioning or owning a channel, or who publishes content. Start with the communications, media, social media, and IT teams.

Find out

  • which channels you currently have or use
  • which channels you no longer use or use less
  • about the connections between channels
  • who owns each channel
  • who creates and publishes content on each channel
  • the purpose of each channel
  • who you think your users are
  • whether your agency uses other content formats, such as books and leaflets