Fixed deadline requests

At a minimum, there are some fast and easy checks you can do so your content can be in a good state when published.

If the deadline is fixed, the content may already be signed off. When you must publish content immediately, you will often need to respond to business needs over user needs. These minimum quality checks will help to get your content over the line.


Minimal quality checks

  • check if ministerial content is appropriate for publishing on an agency-funded website
  • see if other conflicting messages are being published on the same day
  • check that images are cleared for publishing and the links work and are meaningful
  • check content is written in the right content type template and includes an abstract
  • check for accessibility. For example, link text, heading styles, table structure, image alt text, video captions and transcripts
  • check any files are accessible. There should be 2 formats, a short overview for html, and contact details

Tools and templates