Published content issues register

Create an issues register to capture urgently published content that doesn't meet quality standards. Record the content owner, the issue and the agreed date to resolve the issue.

Your record will allow you to report to management when issues are resolved. Your report may include improvements such as readability ratings (plain English) or reduced inaccessible attachments.

When you keep an issues register you also raise the profile of user-focused content. It encourages requesters to plan where possible, or consult with you earlier to know what they need to do. Let the nominated owner know that the issues register may also be the subject of a freedom of information (FOI) request.

Accessibility issues

Give requesters options:

  • Don’t publish if inaccessible. Send them a short guide to getting accessibility right.
  • Nominate someone to assume the risk of complaints to the Human Rights Commissioner and record in the register.

Bureaucratic language issues

  • Nominate a content owner to simplify language. Agree on a timeline that is based on the content's lifespan. Record in the register.
  • If needed, set up a meeting with them to discuss an approach to plain English. Provide them with guidelines.