Important non-urgent content requests

In many cases, content requests are important but not necessarily deadline-driven. For this content it is possible to plan, have enough lead time, and ensure quality content.

When important content has a deadline that is not necessarily fixed, both content managers and requesters need to:

  • negotiate an appropriate deadline
  • prioritise the work
  • allocate appropriate resources


Questions to ask

Senior communications, content leads and publishers need to clarify context.

  • Does there need to be a related news story, blog or social media strategy?
  • Does this content already exist, on this website or another channel?
  • Does the content impact existing content that will need to be updated or removed?
  • Do you have inaccessible PDFs? If so, make them accessible and provide an extract and contact details.

Let content requesters know why you need notice of their timeframes for announcements or initiatives. Under their process and help them to understand yours.

Tools and templates

WCAG 2.0 for content authors

Content authors are primarily responsible for 17 criteria.

Writing style

Writing for digital is different to writing for print. Content needs to be user-focused, written in plain English and accessible across all devices.