Digital Cadetship Program Graduation

Congratulations from The Emerging Talent Team at the Australian Public Service Commission for the successful completion of your Digital Emerging Talent Program! 

Digital Cadetship Program

It has been our great privilege to see the growth and development in you all, from as early as your application and interview for the Program, through to your Graduation today.

Your graduation recognises the hard work and effort you have displayed throughout your program. This includes the completion of your qualification and the contribution you’ve made to your agency to improve the lives of all Australians.

We acknowledge and appreciate you have completed your Cadetship Program during a time of enormous change. You all successfully managed your studies and a very different work landscape. This strength and resilience will serve you well in your digital careers and lead you to great success.

Unfortunately, the current situation prevents us holding a large Graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievements. We hope the following messages capture the spirit of Graduation and we sincerely hope you enjoy viewing the messages in your own time, celebrating with family and friends.

Once again, well done and congratulations to you all!


Message from the Head of the Digital Profession

Randall Brugeaud, Head of the Digital Profession would like to introduce you to the Graduation message and congratulate you on your efforts in graduating from your Emerging Talent Program.

Message from the Minister for the Public Service

A message from The Hon Ben Morton MP, Minister for the Public Service.

Message from a graduating Cadet

Emily-Jane Deering from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, would like to share her Digital Emerging Talent journey and congratulate her fellow cadets on their graduation from the Program.

Winners of the Commitment Awards

Patrick Hetherington, Deputy Commissioner at the Australian Public Service Commission is excited to announce the winners of the Apprentice, Cadet and Graduate Program Commitment Awards. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated.

Congratulations to all graduates

One last congratulations to all our graduating participants from the Digital Emerging Talent Programs. The Emerging Talent team are very proud of you and your achievements in completing your Programs. We are honoured to have taken this journey with you and are excited to see where you go from here.

Congratulations to our Digital Emerging Talent Cadets of 2021!

List of all 2021 graduating participants by agency

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