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Digital Profession snapshot 2020 to 2022

A snapshot of achievements and milestones of the Digital Profession over its first 2 years.

Gamification in government

At PAX AU 2022, the Gamifying Government Panel showcased public sector innovation that uses game design technology and priciples.

Taking steps towards accessibility and inclusion

Talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion helps remove barriers that exclude people with a disability.

Developing as a leader through Coaching for Women in Digital program

Kylie Potter from Services Australia talks about her experiences as a recent participant in this program.

A Day in the Life of an Automation Analyst

Jodi shares a day in her life as an Automation Analyst.

Day in the life of an Automation Tester

Sarah shares a day in her life as an automation tester.

Day in the life of a Service Designer

Stephen shares a day in his life as a service designer.

Day in the life of a Cyber Security Specialist

Joanne shares a day in her life as a cyber security specialist.

Digital transformation based on services, not our IT systems

A digital transformation journey can be long. DAWE’s approach delivers lots of small, regular and incremental changes that add up to make a substantial difference to our agricultural industry.

Jamming for the people: designing for real change

Every year, professionals in public services across the world take part in the Global GovJam challenge to discuss, design and create solutions to deliver better services and products. This year’s Australian entry included members from the Digital Profession community.

An important step for Australian digital capability

Find out more about the practical benefits of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), and how to use it for your agency or organisation.