Digital Fundamentals training course

Digital Fundamentals (facilitated by Deloitte Digital) are introductory and beginner-level training courses for Digital Profession members to uplift their digital capability.

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We delivered the Digital Fundamentals training program from March to May 2022.

Recordings for each course can be found on the members' community

Design Thinking

This session teaches design thinking methodology and the mindsets required to successfully implement it. Real life examples are provided on how design thinking can be applied in a government context. 

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Futures Thinking

This session gives executive-level strategists, designers, change-makers, and the SES practical insight into Deloitte Digital’s ‘Experimental Futures’ toolkit. Look beyond the short-term and define compelling future scenarios as an input into a robust strategic planning process.

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Creative Problem Solving

This session teaches about the different ways to solve problems through design thinking and human-centred design. Understanding what creativity is, and how to use it to solve problems is a critical skill for the APS. 

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Data and Analytics

This session looks at how a data-driven culture can help individuals and teams achieve goals. This is a foundational data and analytics course open to all members at any stage of their career.

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User Experience (Ux) Design

This session introduces UX design and how it fits in the product design and UX lifecycle. It will help develop an understanding of what it takes to design a good experience for users and gain some new skills at the same time. This is especially suitable for those in product teams or leading product teams who want to better understand how to design better user experiences.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This session is designed to give a well-rounded and fun overview of the world of AI. This requires no prerequisite knowledge or training and is designed for those wanting to commence their AI learnings journeys and demystify the world of AI.

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Agile Fundamentals for Leaders

This session provides understanding on what it means to have an Agile mindset, what Agile leadership looks like, and the common frameworks and practices that are adopted by agile organisations and governments. This is primarily for Digital Profession members who are leading in their digital career, however those wishing to develop their agile leadership skills will also benefit.

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