Digital Profession Cloud Training

Digital Profession Cloud Training, facilitated by Amazon Web Services (AWS), are introductory and executive-level training courses for Digital Profession Practitioner members.

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. In Australia, public sector organisations across government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare use AWS to innovate, evolve and solve citizen challenges. From analytics to databases, mobile services and serverless computing, AWS provides products and services that drive cost savings, speed up time-to-market, increase agility and encourage innovation in government and industry.

AWS has designed these training courses specifically for Digital Profession members. Experts in their field and topic will deliver each session.

About Cloud Training

Digital Profession Cloud Training develops your knowledge of in-demand digital skills and builds your understanding of cloud computing.

Cloud Essentials for Government

A 3-hour session for participants to discover the benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help meet business objectives.


A flexible, self-paced, 6 to 8-week program to explore the essentials of cloud. Using relevant technology in a fun and interactive training environment, CloudUp includes the opportunity to complete a globally recognised AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

Course dates

We are running multiple sessions of each program so you can attend at the time that best suits you.

Course Dates Bookings open Bookings close
CloudUp 4 Oct to 29 Nov 25 Aug 3 Oct
Cloud Essentials for Government 6 Dec 8 Nov 2 Dec

Benefits of Cloud Training

  • Cloud training builds and broadens digital skills – you don’t have to have digital in your job title to be a digital professional.
  • Understand the importance of cloud and how it works, what the key methodologies are, and how it works to build and provide products and services.
  • The training provides foundational cloud skills and gives participants the basics so they can pursue a deeper understanding of the topic.


Free and exclusively for Digital Profession Practitioner members.

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