The Digital Profession hosts many different kinds of events. You can see what's coming up on this page.

Digital Profession community events

There are monthly online meetups, workshops and events that are available on the members' community platform - listed on the community calendar. Access is exclusive to Practitioner members, so login or sign up for access. 

Upcoming events

Digital Profession Cloud Training

Digital Profession Cloud Training, facilitated by Amazon Web Services (AWS), are introductory training courses for Digital Profession Practitioner members.

Agile Fundamentals for Leaders, facilitated by Deloitte Digital

Agile Fundamentals for Leaders provides understanding on what it means to have an Agile mindset, what Agile leadership looks like, and the common frameworks and practices adopted by agile organisations and governments.

User Experience (UX) Design, facilitated by Deloitte Digital

User Experience (UX) Design teaches you about UX design and how it fits in the product design and UX lifecycle.

Digital Fundamentals training course

Digital Fundamentals (facilitated by Deloitte Digital) is designed to introduce introductory and beginner-level training courses to Digital Profession members to uplift their digital capability.

Role enrichment workshops for digital jobs in government

Help identify and shape the future of digital for the Australian Public Service.