Agile Fundamentals for Leaders, facilitated by Deloitte Digital

Thursday 26 May 2022, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm AEDT

Facilitated by

Agile Fundamentals for Leaders provides understanding on what it means to have an Agile mindset, what Agile leadership looks like, and the common frameworks and practices adopted by agile organisations and governments.

Agile leadership gives government and business the ability to embed agility to help and improve quality, productivity, employee engagement, and time-to-market. An agile mindset helps us become more nimble and responsive in an increasingly volatile and changing market.

Course benefits

Participants will:

  • get a foundational overview of Agile, Agile mindsets and Agile practices
  • understand how to embrace Agile as a management method to deliver great customer experiences
  • understand how to write and re-write operating models for agility and improved speed-to-market
  • discuss real-life business cases.

We recommend Agile Fundamentals for Leaders for all Practitioner members of the Digital Profession interested in Agile, want to know how to apply it and use it to lead teams. This course would suit EL2 Directors, EL1 Team Leaders, and members of the Senior Executive Service in leadership roles. This would suit Practitioner members starting their digital career, developing their digital career or leading as digital professionals.

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