Role enrichment workshops for digital jobs in government

The Digital Profession is running workshops to understand the needs of government agencies in relation to digital roles and capabilities.

These ‘role enrichment’ workshop seek to get a deeper understanding of key roles within 14 digital disciplines. Our work will help agencies find and develop the capability to support their digital workforce.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for senior digital practitioners with an in-depth understanding of digital skills in the following disciplines:

You will help us identify: 

  • the common roles in digital disciplines
  • the skills and levels of skill required for each role 
  • the typical classification levels 
  • sources of relevant learning and useful qualifications and experience. 

You will help the APS improve how it delivers public services.

Workshops and dates

All workshops listed are scheduled from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM AEDT on the day. More information (including the day's schedule) are available on the Eventbrite event listing.

Some disciplines may have a second workshop as a contingency. This is used if the first session is not enough to complete the work. 

Workshops Register your interest
Solution engineering
Solution engineers design and build the technical components of our systems. It includes architects and engineers who design how systems work together.
Thursday 17 March
IT service management
IT service management are also known as the ICT front door or IT service desk. They help staff make better use of systems and services.

Thursday 31 March (Part 1)

Thursday 7 April (Part 2)

Robotic process automation
Robotic process automation (RPA) design implement and manage systems that automate repetitive tasks. 
Thursday 28 April
Digital content
Content designers use data and evidence to give users the information they need and expect. They help guide design policy, behaviour and how web pages and applications are built. This area includes content strategy, content design and visual communications design.
Thursday 12 May
Service design
Service designers design the end-to-end journey of a service. This helps a user complete their goal and achieve a policy intent. 
Thursday 26 May
Testing practitioners make sure that the systems and services are built and perform as expected.
Thursday 9 June
This workshop will focus on the business-oriented architects who make sure systems and data meet the business needs. 
Thursday 23 June
Business and systems analysis
Business and systems analysts work between those who want a new or improved digital system/service and the technical people who will build it. They make sure the system meets the needs and expectations of the business. 
Thursday 21 July
Infrastructure engineering
Infrastructure engineers manage the back-end systems that make our services function. It includes things like networks, servers and the cloud. Database administration is grouped with IT Operations. 
Thursday 4 August
IT operations and technical management
These are IT operations professionals keep our systems and services running. Note that we have a separate workshop for infrastructure and system administrators - Infrastructure engineering. 

Thursday 18 August (Part 1)

Thursday 1 September (Part 2)

Cyber security
Cyber security professionals work on keeping our data and systems safe and reliable in the modern online world. They help guide policy and behaviour, design and test security features and investigate breaches.

Thursday 15 September (Part 1)

Thursday 13 October (Part 2)

Product and project
Product and project Management help guide the design, delivery and evolution of digital services. They are delivery managers and project managers, people who support them by assessing risks and ensuring value is delivered, and those who help everyone to work productively together. 

Thursday 27 October (Part 1)

Thursday 10 November (Part 2)

Research professionals discover what our digital services should be doing, and how they can be better designed to meet the needs of the people who use them. 
Thursday 24 November