Graduate testimonials

Testimonials by past graduates of the program.

The Digital Graduate Program offered interesting and rewarding opportunities through the year. I worked in three different roles within my agency including as a developer, delivery manager and business analyst. I was encouraged to try new things and develop skills with ample support. I also enjoyed networking with other graduates across the APS. It was an excellent experience and was valuable for advancing my career.

Tyler, previous digital graduate

Moving from Brisbane to Canberra with a background in cyber security, I didn’t have much hands-on experience in the field. However, through the Digital Stream Graduate Program, I was placed in the Department of Defence and its Chief Information Officer Group where I completed three rotations. I gained experience as a cyber security analyst and strategist and I am now positioned as an acting ICT Manager/Project Technical Lead.

Being driven to learn, my rotation teams were willing to see me develop not only professionally but also personally. The program CLOs are an additional resource offered and are interested in seeing graduates thrive and succeed. The Digital Emerging Talent program is a great soft introduction to life as a public servant and I would recommend the Digital Stream Graduate to those eligible.

Yaw, previous digital graduate

I graduated from uni with a degree in website design and one in writing, and I wasn’t particularly sure which to pursue! I was really keen to work in government, thinking of the growing tech industry with the impacts government has – it felt like an exciting area to be in!

I was fortunate enough to get a placement with the Department of Health and Aged Care, with two rotations (corporate strategy and service design) that gave me responsibility over large bodies of genuine work. I loved the level of engagement with staff, and was offered a role working in a dedicated digital transformation engagement section (which engages internally and with the public) at the end of the year that I was very keen to take on – and which is where I work now!

I have no intentions of leaving the APS; the culture, work we do, and friends you make are unparalleled, and the digital graduate program is so supportive and an amazing way to get you on board and into excellent roles. If you want real work with real impacts that you’re excited to wake up for in the morning, then this is for you.

Ryley, previous digital graduate

My digital journey began at the Queensland University of Technology where I pursued a Bachelor’s Degrees in Information Technology and Creative Industries with a focus on Information Systems and Interactive and Visual Design. These studies, stirred up my excitement for the digital space pushing me towards postgraduate studies and a career in the APS.

I had the privilege of joining the Digital Graduate Program in 2022 after completing my Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security. This program provided me with the opportunity to gain exposure to various departments within my department, including Regional ICT, Enterprise Cloud Services, and Cyber Security Strategy and Programs. During each rotation, I was assigned engaging and impactful tasks that not only fuelled my sense of purpose and motivation but also provided me with invaluable experiences that I may not have otherwise had.

Participating in the Digital Graduate Program enabled me to establish valuable connections with my peers and professionals across the wider government. It also afforded me the opportunity to explore diverse areas and identify the best fit for my skills and interests. Throughout the 12-month program, I gained substantial experience and honed my skills. All under the guidance of the CLOs and wider APSC team who I received ample support and resources from to excel in my role and advance to the next level of my digital career.

The experiences and opportunities that arise from the program are unparalleled, and the growth and development potential are limitless. Presently, I am pursuing my Masters in Cyber Security, Strategy, and Diplomacy, whilst working as a Cyber Security Specialist at the Department of Defence. I remain in close contact with my graduate cohort as we each progress in our APS careers, navigating the challenges and sharing in our successes. I cannot recommend this program to future graduates more highly.

Emily-Jane, previous digital graduate

In the Digital Graduate program, I was placed in the Department of Health and Aged Care, specialising in user experience design. The program was a fun experience with plenty of opportunity to explore different roles and build connections with colleagues and fellow graduates alike. From day one, I was provided with a high level of responsibility, with the opportunity to work on our flagship website. The level of support and mentoring from my supervisors and the Digital Emerging Talent team exceeded my expectations and made the program a welcoming experience, giving me a solid start to a career in IT.

Michelle, previous digital graduate