Digital Hack minisode 3


You have heard the experts take a deep dive on big topics, now access a segment more valuable than Bitcoin. Our panellists offer exclusive digital hacks they use daily to better their life.

Podcast host, Fleur Anderson is joined by:

  • Julian Smith, Director of Member Experience, Mobility and Specialist Advice and Head of Agile Practice
  • Andrea Anderson, Agile Practitioner, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
  • Aaron Draper, Digital Partnerships, Planning & Governance, Enterprise Solutions & Technology, Australian Tax Office
  • Shane Wheller, Agile Delivery Manager, Austrade

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Hello and welcome to the Digital Insights Podcast. A podcast brought to you by the Australian Government's Digital Profession. Keeping the Australian public service digital ready. I'm Fleur Anderson and I'm your host today. I acknowledge that we are recording this podcast on the lands of the Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the land. I pay my respects to their elders past and present. I extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples listening.

Fleur Anderson:

It wouldn't be a Digital Insights episode if we didn't ask our panel for their valuable daily Digital Hack. This is something that's in the digital realm that you use every day at home or at work that improves your life every day.

So I'm going to ask Aaron, what's your Digital Hack?

Aaron Draper:

The Digital Hack is not. Everything has to be digital. Get away from the desk, get away from the computer. If you don't need to be on a video, call with somebody and you can do a walking meeting. You can be on the phone.
Do that. A little bit of sunshine will do wonders for the outcomes of that conversation.

Fleur Anderson:

I love it. Death by Zoom at the moment, isn't it?

K, Andrea.


Andrea Anderson:

For me, my digital hack and it's been a learning process in the last twelve months is to use Mural, which is an online white-boarding facilitation tool. And I think that's going to become part of our lives as we move to a hybrid working model and finding ways to collaborate in a visual sense over multiple different channels.

It's been something that I've enjoyed and some of the tools out there, not just mural, but Miro and others fabulous to help us do that.

Fleur Anderson:

Excellent. Thank you. Julian?

Julian Smith:

Yes. One thing that comes to mind is one of the agile principles about all values, about putting people over processes and tools. So wherever you can, whether it be your end customer, whether it be your team mates, whether it be your colleagues talking about agile because it's kind of putting people at the centre.

And just one little quick tip is when you're kind of working on your government digital product, whether it be digital and on digital, actually, for that matter or service, always kind of thinking to think each week, what am I doing to test this concept?

What am I doing to test this hypothesis or the these assumptions that we've had that we've made? So sometimes it can be a really good weekly reflection and just thinking, who could I test this with? Who could I go out?

Who are our key customers? And reflecting on things like your empathy walls or your personas or you, you use research and really touching back with a personal element. 

Fleur Anderson:

Great. Thank you. Okay. And Shane.

Shane Wheller:

I have to I've got to do it. It's an app on my phone or my iPad, and I religiously put items that I need to remind myself with in every context of my life. So it allows different contexts and then tick them off, tick them off, take them off.

The other one is system was everything that moves. If it doesn't move, push it and systemise it because a system ization allows you that that journey of continuous improvement.

Fleur Anderson:

Can you give an example at home of a system that doesn't move that needs to be systemised?

Shane Wheller:

Look, I'm getting ready for getting ready for work. You've got set things you need to do in the order that you need to do them. When you've got that, no, it's transparent, then you can make incremental improvements to that system so that you get out the door faster.

Fleur Anderson:

Nice one. Okay, great. Thank you, guys. You've been listening to the Digital Profession's Insights podcast. Find the Digital Insights podcast on all major podcast services. Stay up to date by following us on LinkedIn or Facebook. And of course, if you haven't done so yet, join the profession.


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