Digital Hack minisode 4


You have heard the experts take a deep dive on big topics, now access a segment more valuable than Bitcoin. Our panellists offer exclusive digital hacks they use daily to better their life.

Podcast host, Fleur Anderson is joined by:

  • Ashley Donaldson, Design & innovation Consultant, Tobias
  • Laure Yassine, Product Manager with the Simplified Trade System Implementation Taskforce

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Hello and welcome to the Digital Insights Podcast. A podcast brought to you by the Australian Government's Digital Profession. Keeping the Australian public service digital ready. I'm Fleur Anderson and I'm your host today. I acknowledge that we are recording this podcast on the lands of the Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the land.

I pay my respects to their elders past and present. I extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples listening.

Fleur Anderson:

It wouldn't be a Digital Insights episode, if we didn't ask our panel for their most valuable digital hack. This is something in the digital space that you use everyday that improves your life, either at home or at work.

So Laure, what's your favourite Digital Hack?

Laure Yassine:

I actually have a couple that I might mention. You know, one is the use of collaboration, online collaboration tools, you know, like whiteboarding tools such as mirror and mural. You know, they are very important when it comes to collaboration across agencies in remote teams.

But you know, during the pandemic, you know, they showed that, you know, they're more needed than ever. Our team is dispersed, been working. We've been working from home for weeks and months now, and I don't know what we would have done without those tools because we're able to jump on and it's almost like we're standing around a wall putting Post-it notes up. But it's just in an in an online collaboration tool where you can update in real time. Anyone can jump in and see what you're doing, and it's made collaboration in workshopping with different agencies really important and really easy.

So that's one that I would say, you know, has been has made my life a lot easier over the last couple of years. Another digital hack that I have actually stole it from work in applied it in my personal life.

And that's, you know, using tools such as Trello. You know, this is a, you know, a tool that can help you in your delivery management. But I've actually implemented it in kind of our home delivery management, and I'm a bit of a control freak.

I like things done in the right way and I have, you know, Post-its and, you know, reminders for myself everywhere. My husband, on the other hand, is, you know, a little bit more go with the flow type of guy, and I'm always having to remind him to do things.

So Trello was just such an easy way for us to go, Okay, we're renovating. This is all the things we need to do when we need to do them buying, when the bills need to be due, and I just sneakily jump in and assign things to my husband.

Fleur Anderson:

And he loves it.

Laure Yassine:

That's right. I love it. I'm sure he would just go in and write comments for me. So I got the comments. Oh, absolutely, he was the chap. He used it. And but it just meant that we knew where everything was.

You know where things were going. What do we need to do? Even for groceries? We actually had a ticket where we just add groceries throughout the week as we remember things and we just took them off. So, you know, that's really streamlined our home life.

Fleur Anderson:

Wow, applying Trello to your home life and renovations and grocery list. I might have to do some stakeholder management at home if I did that. And Ash what's your favourite Digital Hack?

Ashley Donaldson:

Sorry, Fleur, I'm going to take you into the morbid side because we all die. Sometimes it is slow and we can get our affairs in order. Sometimes sudden. And as life events go, this is probably one of the most traumatic for your family.

I don't know that you, but I have a quite complex digital one. And so my hack is basically what I've done is I've listed all the most critical sites for finance and bank shares or all sorts of things, as well as all the utilities and bills that I pay and my social media profiles.

And then with my will on paper. Down the bottom of that, and that's lodged with him with this sort of stuff and in my safe down the bottom of that, it was also the password to my password manager.

So if I shuffle off this mortal coil, suddenly my wife is children are able to very easily access all of these things, put off in memoriam on social aims and take control of funds.

Fleur Anderson:

That's amazingly forward looking and sensible to you. Think about doing wills, but you don't really think about social media.

Did you put on the end and delete my browser history?

Ashley Donaldson:

Now that just happens daily it's fine.

Fleur Anderson:

All right, well, thank you very much for the Digital Hack contribution today, it was really terrific.

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