Skills Framework for the Information Age

Access the global standard for digital and ICT skills for free within Australia through our multi-year whole of country licence. Learn more about eligibility, training, usage, licence limitations and how to get started.

About SFIA

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is a global standard that defines digital and other ICT related skills.

SFIA is used by government agencies, private enterprises and individuals for workforce planning, recruitment and deployment of staff, career path frameworks, skills assessment and more.

The APS Digital Profession works very closely with SFIA.

  • We manage the Australian country-wide SFIA license (SFIA-AU) on behalf of the Australian Government.
  • We use it as our core capability framework.

SFIA is free to use in Australia

Australian individuals, public sector and private sector organisations can use SFIA for free through the Australian Government’s whole of country licence.

This includes commercial use and incorporation of SFIA into your own products within Australia, as long as you properly acknowledge SFIA. Additional fees may also be due in some circumstances.

Non-Australian entities are not covered by the whole of country licence. If Australia is not your main place of business, you may need your own licence to use SFIA within Australia. For details, visit the SFIA Foundation.

How to access SFIA

You can access all SFIA resources, including full copies of the framework and guidance material on the SFIA Foundation website.

You don’t need to use a special login, and you can register for free:

  • select Australia as the country
  • accept the terms of use
  • choose ‘free licence’ - personal or corporate, as appropriate.

Acknowledging use of SFIA

If you are using SFIA within your organisation, there are no acknowledgment requirements.

If you want to incorporate SFIA into products and services you provide to others, you must acknowledge SFIA. This applies whether your products and services are for profit or not-for-profit.

The minimum acknowledgement you can use is the following, linked as shown:

  • Hyperlinked text only: Powered by SFIA-AU
  • Hyperlinked image:
    SFIA logo

  • Where your product does not support hyperlinks, you can use the following (without the quote marks):

    'This publication contains information from the Skills Framework for the Information Age used with permission from the SFIA Foundation.'

Download the SFIA logos

Black on white background

Powered by SFIA-AU - Logo JPG black on white background high res

White on black background

Powered by SFIA-AU - Logo JPG white on black background high res

Black on transparent background

Powered by SFIA-AU - Logo PNG black on transparent background high res

White on transparent background

Powered by SFIA-AU - Logo PNG white on transparent background high res

Terms and conditions

Correctly acknowledging SFIA is part of the terms and conditions for the whole of country licence.

Some uses are not covered by the whole of country licence.

To use SFIA in any of the following ways, you need to have a discussion with the SFIA Foundation and pay the applicable fees:

  • selling services or products containing SFIA for profit outside Australia
  • selling tools that contain SFIA (royalties may apply)
  • providing SFIA based training for profit
  • seeking or maintaining SFIA accreditation for individuals
  • issuing SFIA credentials as part of an accreditation scheme.

For further information, download the whole of country SFIA licence (PDF, 243 KB) and general terms and conditions (PDF, 547 KB).

Support and training

Australian Public Service employees can use our SFIA eLearning module to get started with SFIA in the Australian Government context.

For other training and accreditation providers, see the list of SFIA partners or talk to an accredited SFIA consultant. Fees apply.


General help and SFIA advice

For help using SFIA, including training and accreditation, visit the SFIA help pages.

SFIA Australian licence questions

For matters related to the whole of country licence and how it applies to you, email

Propose change requests to SFIA

Visit the SFIA Foundation website and register as an individual to propose or review change requests.

Join the whole of government forum

Public sector SFIA users can share their implementation experience and learn from the experiences of others. If you’re interested in joining the forum, email