Join the Digital Profession

Connect, learn and collaborate across all levels of government.

If you’re looking to learn and develop your career in digital or find resources and talent to support your team or agency, find what you need as a member of the Digital Profession.

The Digital Profession is for people who are:

  • starting or growing their digital career
  • wanting to lead in a digital role, like senior executives
  • growing digital capability and diversity in their organisation.

Member eligibility

You are encouraged to join if you are:

  • a government employee (federal, state or local)
  • working or interested in digital skills, disciplines and ways of working
  • working or interested in using digital data, tools and platforms to design and develop workplace capability and transformation.

Digital skills and disciplines have a variety of forms and meaning across government. The term ‘digital’ is not just traditional or technical IT disciplines - it also covers methods of human-centred and agile thinking, designing and working. What unites our members is our mindset: a focus on designing and developing better digital services for our users.

Professionals in the university sector

In general, membership and access to the members' community platform (MCP) is not available to the university sector. This includes academics and administrative staff. 

Academic staff, contractors and consultants can still subscribe to the Digital Profession newsletter. Our newsletter is open to anyone interested in the work of the Digital Profession, and news on digital trends in government.

Benefits of membership

When you join the Digital Profession, you have members-only access to

  • introductory and leadership courses on digital skills 
  • professional development programs 
  • short-term, job mobility opportunities.

You will also have access to the members' community platform (MCP). This links you to a national network of peers from federal, state and local government. Explore the growing number of communities of practice online - join, engage and learn. 

On the MCP, you can create a profile that includes your skills and expertise. As you engage and grow in your career, you can apply for recognition of your expertise through our digital badging system.

You’ll receive a monthly newsletter containing updates on government digital news and trends, upcoming events and training opportunities. 

If you need more information, you can contact us.