Practitioner membership

As a Practitioner, you will have an account on our Members' Community Platform (MCP).

Practitioners can use the MCP to manage their membership and explore what’s on offer.

  • Create a profile about your skills and expertise for others to see.
  • Get recognition of your expertise through our digital badging system.
  • Explore our communities of practice – or create one, to share, learn and work together.
  • Get members-only access and discounts to Digital Profession events, online content and professional development programs.
  • Get access to a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point program - earn points for upskilling and participating.
  • Get limited access to oneAPS Opportunities for career mobility.
  • Receive the Digital Profession newsletter on updates and opportunities.
  • Be involved in co-designing the Digital Profession.


Practitioner membership is free. We will advise of any changes to membership costs. Joining during the complimentary period does not financially commit you to anything. 

How to join

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Complete a self-assessment of your skills.
  3. Your account will be created on our member management platform.

More information will be provided to guide you during each part of the process.

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